How To Overcome Radiation Effects Laptop Monitor and Computer Screen

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How To Overcome Radiation Effects Laptop Monitor and Computer Screen - For those of you who often do long work in front of the computer screen/laptop must have felt tired and sore on the eyes, it may be because you are too long in front of the monitor screen.

This is usually often experienced by gamers and office workers, consequently many of those who experience the eye minus due to too often exposed to radiation from the computer screen/laptop that they use.

Radiation from this computer monitor itself will certainly have a negative impact on health, especially on the eyes, even if it is severe can cause cataracts, dermatitis, and epilepsy. So, how to minimize the radiation so as not to cause eye damage? Here we will explain 5 tips how to solve it.

1. Select Monitor With Low Radiation
When you first buy a computer, we recommend that you choose a computer screen that has low radiation power, such as LCD or LED. Because the resulting radiation power is smaller than the CRT model monitor. If you still have to use a CRT / tube monitor use a refresh rate of 75hz or more because a low refresh rate can damage the eye.

2. Adjust Lighting In The Room The
lights are too bright or dark will easily cause the eyes become tired. We recommend that you adjust adequate room lighting so that your eyes do not have to work hard when dealing with monitors in too dark or vice versa.

3. Set Lighting On Computer Screen
Set and adjust the contrast and brightness on your computer so that the eyes will feel comfortable when using the computer, the problem is almost the same as the 3rd point, if the screen is too bright or dark then the eye will work extra hard.

4. Use Glasses with Special Lenses
One of the preventive steps you can take is to use special glasses to protect your eyes from the radiation of the monitor. Nowadays many companies have created lenses whose upper part is designed to look at the computer, while the bottom is for reading, and many more special types of eyeglasses are made for computer users.

5. Use Silicon Hydrogel Contact Lenses
For contact lens users, you can use a new generation contact lens made of silicone hydrogel. This silicon allows higher transmission power than other types, so it will minimize the radiation from the computer screen and your eyes will not get tired easily if in front of the monitor for a long time.

Those are 5 tips on how to reduce and overcome the impact of radiation on computer monitors that we can share on this occasion. 

Actually, the best way to overcome the impact of radiation from the computer screen itself is to use a monitor with low radiation effects, and occasionally rest your eyes 1 hour for 10-15 minutes, due to excessive use of computers for hours without breaks at all will make eyes quickly damaged.

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Title : How To Overcome Radiation Effects Laptop Monitor and Computer Screen

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