How to Fix Dry Battery The Most Powerful Motorcycle

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How to Fix Dry Battery The Most Powerful Motorcycle - How to Fix Dry Battery How to Fix Motorcycle Dry Battery, in this modern technological age especially in the automotive field always use a dry battery as the supplier of DC power source (direct current) good for a motorcycle.

The dry battery can be called as battery MF Battery (battery maintenance free) because by using dry battery we are easier to do the maintenance and also free positioning slanted or upright will not be a problem.

Dry batteries and wet batteries actually have the same functionality in terms of amperage capacities ranging from high to low and the difference only in terms of efficient course. However, when compared with wet batteries, MF batteries have a pretty good advantage because the material using special spare parts that resist corrosion. But when viewed from the price of dry batteries slightly more expensive than wet batteries.

We need to know that when using a dry battery, we also need to learn how to fix it. Because without knowing it we will spend a very expensive cost to repair the battery. Things to note before making a repair or battery service is to prepare some tools and materials to be used. Tools and materials are not complicated and very easy to get. Here are some tools and materials that need to be prepared:
  • Accu Liquid
  • Screwdriver
  • Duster
  • Plastic Glue
  • Plastic Injections / SPED
Look for a new liquid battery and is usually used to fill the new battery. Because usually, the composition of the battery water is different from that used to increase the battery. Using a used ink or other used printer ink is also allowed. After the tools and materials are ready, the following step steps how to fix the dry battery.

How to Fix Motorcycle Dry Battery:

1. Disassemble Aki

Battery to be repaired should be cleaned first. Clean the exterior of the battery, so that the dirt or material that sticks to the battery is lost. How to clean it with a cloth that has been provided. After cleaning, it's time to open the battery.

How to open it quite easily by using a screwdriver. Open the battery cover until it opens. It takes power to pry the battery, especially the lid on the battery is difficult to open. The most important in the process of opening the battery should not be broken, so difficult to cause a leaking battery.

And if it gets damaged it will be difficult to replace it because the spare part is also not there. Can also be done with modifications but it takes a long time and less efficient.

2. Charge Water Battery

Next after the battery cover open prepare the injection and also a cloth that has been provided. At the time will fill the battery check your battery first. Make sure already open the rubber hole on the battery. usually, there is about 3-10 holes rubber depending on ampere capacity.

The more the rubber hole the greater the amperage capacity and there are many cells in it. For the way of charging is, prepare the battery water and make the battery water on the injection. Then if already insert the injection that contains the battery water into the rubber hole on the battery with a distance of up to 1cm below the hole. Do the filling until evenly and try full.

If you have sealed the rubber parts and make sure it is not easy to reopen. Check the battery that has been filled then try to close tightly and there is no leak in the battery. After the charging process is complete, reattach the battery cover so that the battery looks like new. Make sure the closing is tight. If the lid is cracked or a little damage can be attached to the plastic glue you have provided.

3. Charging Electric Battery

The next process that will be done is to fill the power voltage or jug can be called to give stun to the battery. This process is a charging process, the same thing when we are charging hp or laptop with the adapter. But in addition, there is also more charging battery using a Motorcycle battery. So there are 2 ways that are with the car battery and use other Motorcycle batteries.

Charge Aki
The first is how to fill the battery using the battery charger. Using a battery charger adapter is very efficient for charging it. This tool is the same thing with the transformer used in case hp or laptop. However, in the battery cashew and ampere capacity must be larger.

Tools have been widely sold by the seller of the battery and widely used by the service of battery stun and battery service workers. The same way with the process of charging like you do on hp all. Better when using this method is an indicator if the power is fully charged to the battery and the battery is ready for use.

Jumper on Motorcycle Battery
Next is a way jumper on other motorcycle batteries. Keep in mind that if using this method should see the resources used in the battery prime. The way to do with jumper battery and turn on your Motorcycle vehicle. Turn on the machine in less than 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Using this method is not as efficient as using the charger. With jumper on other motorcycle batteries, there is at least some initial power for the battery that will be charged before being used on your vehicle. After you fill and you plug in your Motorcycle, try to also do the Motorcycle machine in the stationary position of the machine before you use another device on your Motorcycle to the position of the battery used stably.

Dry currents that are currently often used on Motorcycle vehicles are notoriously anti-maintenance, but all things certainly have an active period or duration of use. One to see the time period of this battery by checking regularly in terms of cleanliness. As good as any battery that we have if not on guard will be quickly damaged.

Keeping batteries clean routinely needs to be done then try before the vehicle is sure to do warming to the vehicle engine. This applies to all vehicles, motorcycles, and motorcycles that use dry batteries or MF batteries, especially. Also, check the vehicle fuse, both in the arrangement of the cable. If little looks chaotic then it will cause a zipper on your motorcycle.

Those are some ways to fix dry battery Motorcycle. Indeed, by doing some of the above does not guarantee that the repaired batteries like new again. However, if we look and follow the appropriate way above will get maximum results on the battery as long as it does not happen on the fatal physical damage to the previous battery. Maybe useful.

Title : How to Fix Dry Battery The Most Powerful Motorcycle

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