Here 7 Similar Android Games PUBG

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Here 7 Similar Android Games PUBG - Yapp .. after how many months PUBG made .. his fans immediately jumped to beat the number of loyal players DOTA2.

PUBG itself is a game Battle Royale game genre is more to survival - fps / tps.In this game, lo will be told to survive from the enemy's target and become the last standing on the island.
Many PC games are currently imitating PUBG / same genre.

Well, this time us will review games similar to PUBG but in Mobile so you can play PUBG everywhere

Here's 7 Similar Android Games PUBG

Recently there has emerged a mobile game that adopted the Bullet Strike element: Battlegrounds and is coming soon for Android and iOS devices. titled Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds. In this game is almost similar to PUBG, where players will be able to run characters with third person display complete with an area that will become the location of survival of the other players.
Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds developed by developer Horus Entertainment which is planned for release soon for Android and iOS. Currently, the game has opened a beta test period that lasts only a few days where the beta test is to see how the player can run the game on multiple smartphone devices.
and still, we wait for Global Server .. while you can try the Beta test by registering on Web Site:

2. GRAND Battle Royale
Grand Battle Royale is an online multiplayer action arena big battle where you have to do anything possible and impossible to stay alive and survive! The rules of battle royale genre are quite simple: when you enter the battlefield you have to find useful weapons or equipment and shoot at your enemies! And remember the only one who survives is the true king of the Grand Battle Royale! Do not hesitate a second, shoot or be shot, kill or kill!

The location of the battlefield is a remote island somewhere in the sea. There is a mysterious thing around this island - Zone! If you are in a place that is in this Zone you will not get hurt. But if you are out of the zone you will suffer and lose health! Find a safe place, search for equipment, assault rifles, rifles, pistols, grenades or something useful and become the last person standing, the last hero, the king of the battlefield! If you like battle royale games like Playerunknown this battleground or something similar to it then you will definitely like Grand Battle Royale! Good luck, good hunt!

3. Zombie Strike Online
Zombie Strike Online is an FPS game. Like PUBG, ZSO also survives until last stand ( the last man standing) .. but with a look like Minecraft.
Unfortunately the maximum player only 8 players only

4. The LAST One
Unlike games like Bullet Strike Battlegrounds.The Last One has a realistic graphics quality .. the imaginations are also pretty real.
the core of this game is more real than the Bullet Strike Battlegrounds

5. Law of the Jungle: Jedi Battle Royale
Law of the jungle: Jedi battle royale game This is a Battle Royale game with a maximum of 60 players and just as usual ... the only one who survives
unfortunately, this game is still beta Test

6. Wilderness Action
WILDERNESS ACTION can hold 100 real-time players at once with the special graphic.
But unfortunately still speak Chinese(relax) .. and not yet added with English .. so for the game menu rather confusing ...

7. Free Fire Battlegrounds
Free Fire Battlegrounds ..yaps .. like the name .. surely the mode of battle-royale yeah .. but this time with the point of view of the 3 / third person shooter .. like battle-royale in general..people/group last live / survive..who will win the chicken(chicken dinner usually).
which is different from this game is he said..he said hell..graphic more smooth and easy-to-use .. easy in controlling/moving control HUD on your smartphone screen.
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Title : Here 7 Similar Android Games PUBG

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