Differences Game and Software Rip, Full Rip, Repack, Full Version, Reloaded, BETA and Understanding

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Differences Game and Software Rip, Full Rip, Repack, Full Version, Reloaded, BETA and Understanding
The Difference Game With Full Version Version, Rip, Repack, Full Rip, Reloaded, BETA, Skidrow, BlackBox And Its Understanding - If you are a gamer, surely you often hear words like repack, rip, full rip, reloaded etc. but what is the actual difference and understanding each?

On this occasion, we will provide a full review of each type of game. Please refer to our reviews below. 

Full Version
Full version is a term for original game/software, which is original is original or original game without any reduction or any change in game feature, full version game can you get by buying it in official website, for example, steam, or if you do not have a fee you can get a full version with crack. 

BETA is a term for game/software that is still in trial stage, so the game is still in experimental stage and still not perfect. the purpose of a developer to make the game into BETA is to test and know/find the weaknesses and shortcomings of the game, so this stage is still the stage of improvement so before the release to the public the game is no longer BUG, damage, error or so. so do not be surprised if you download a game with the type BETA and many errors because the game is still in the experimental stage and still not perfect. 

The demo is game/software made to try for free before buying / before the release of the game, you can download the game with the demo version of the game developer website. Demo version games only have one / some level/stage only and also their trial period. 

RIP is an abbreviation of ripped or ripping, which is the term for fully compressed games with the reduction of some features in the game, for example like audio, texture, and video. After that will result in a smaller game size in the game versions of full version (all types of games come from full version) RIP games usually do not have cutscene so a lot of features are reduced, so do not be surprised if after installing the game RIP was not there because indeed deleted and compressed into a RIP version.

Full RIP
Full RIP is very similar to RIP and also the way it works almost the same as RIP, now the difference from FULL RIP is FULL RIP game more extreme than the RIP game because the feature is very much reduced and eventually produce a very much different size from the original file. 

REPACK is a fully compressed game term comprising a reduction of features in the game, or if reduced, will only be reduced to the video (cutscene) only and video quality reduction without affecting the game, this version is still a favorite among gamers who want a game with good quality. 

A game with Reloaded type is the game with the original version and can be said full version that has been cracked so no different from the size and quality of the original game, this version is recommended for gamers who have a fast internet connection because of size quite large (depending on the game own). 

High Compressed

Game / Software with High Compressed type is the extreme compressed game, for example, a game with the original size 5 GB then do compress to 500 MB, or 4 GB to 10 MB, even more, extreme again. 

Trial / Shareware

Trial / Shareware is Game / Software that means free to try/ share/circulated and free of course, this game is a full version, but limited by time for example only 30-60 minutes or only 7-15 days. Usually, games that have this version are mini-games like games from BigFish, Gamehouse, PopCap, and others. 

Free / Freeware
Freeware is a free game to be downloaded by anyone and can be shared and distributed with own profit. Usually, games that have this version rarely have patches or the continuation of the game if there are several series. 

Game / Portable software on the computer is a game/software that does not need to be installed on the computer. You just run it directly from the file you have downloaded. The advantage of this portable game is that you do not need to install, the game/software is enough you copy or even played directly from portable storage media such as floppy disks, CDs, flash disk, or derivatives from other SD memory cards. 

Skidrow is a group of crackers who managed to break into a copyright security system on a game so we can enjoy pirated games for free. In addition to Skidrow, there are many other names, such as TinyMCE, Razor1911, etc. with the same purpose. 

Game Repack from BlackBox, usually games taken from Skidrow Reloaded or Release. Repacked in such a way that no one in RIP, just omitted the language, except English. The BlackBox game has been tested and has a small capacity of the Full version with the same content. 

That's some of the differences and notions of each type of game/software that you may have heard often. Hopefully useful. Thanks for reading 
Differences Game and Software Rip, Full Rip, Repack, Full Version, Reloaded, BETA and Understanding.

Title : Differences Game and Software Rip, Full Rip, Repack, Full Version, Reloaded, BETA and Understanding

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