7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017

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7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017
Freeliveyoung.com - The 7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017 - List 7 Best Mouse Pad For Gaming - In the world of gaming, some people often underestimate this one thing, because they think that the mouse pad is not very influential in its gaming activities. But make no mistake, precisely one of the most important component in gaming is with a mouse pad that supports because if the mouse pad used has a bad quality, then indirectly skill player is also not going to be maximal even destroyed in the game.

A good mouse pad will provide a good gaming experience of course to the user, with a suitable mouse pad, we can adjust the accuracy and stability of the mouse so that we will be more comfortable and more free in playing the game.

For example, if you play the game CS: GO, if you use the mouse pad with poor quality then the aiming will be inaccurate and often miss, and vice versa, if you use a mouse pad quality is good, you will be free to move and aim (aim) enemy even do the technique "360 no scope" smoothly.

Best Gaming Pad Mouse 2017
Here is a list of 7 best gaming mouse pad 2017 that has been surveyed based on the quality and comfort of its use.

1. Razer Firefly
Mousepad output Razer this one is named "Firefly". The unique name, as well as its stylish shape and equipped with Chroma Lighting that allows you to choose the color you want and will make your gaming experience more interesting.

7 Best Mouse Pad Gaming 2017 - Razer Firefly
image source: razerzone.com
Its micro-textured surface is optimized for excellent sensitivity and sensor settings. In addition, Razer also offers features 4G Dual Sensors to perform optimal calibration on this mouse pad.

2. SteelSeries QcK
This QcK Mousepad is an extra-large size mouse pad with extra thickness and a rubber base and smooth fabric surface. If you are looking for a mouse pad with a smooth and comfortable surface to use, then a single mouse pad is one of the best options you can take.

7 Best Mouse Pad Gaming 2017 - SteelSeries QcK
image source: steelseries.com

A mouse pad is designed for gaming purposes that require fast movement with various movements with high-resolution settings and low mouse sensitivity. Mousepad also has a thin version with a fairly cheap price.

3. SteelSeries 4HD
If you prefer a gaming mouse pad that has a rough surface, then this one mouse pad can be one of the best options for you. This mouse pad has a slightly rough surface that will make the movement of the mouse to be stable and will not make the mouse slip.

7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017 - SteelSeries 4HD
image source: takealot.com
Mousepad also has a larger version, which is 9HD which will be perfect for you who want a wide mouse movement.

4. Logitech G440
This gaming pad mouse is designed with a fairly rugged surface and high DPI, making it very stable when used.
Logitech G440
image source: www. lazada.com.ph
Logitech G440 will provide the best performance for gamers who use it. This mouse pad has a plain look with the "G" logo with a colored edge line from Logitech in the lower right corner making it look more elegant.

5. ROCCAT Hiro 3D
If you are looking for a gaming mouse pad with long-lasting endurance, maybe this one could be one of the best options for you.
7 Best Mouse Pad Gaming 2017 - ROCCAT Hiro 3D
image source: amazon.com

This mouse pad is made with a very unique surface and frayed edges. The surface of ROCCAT Hiro 3D is made with vulcanized silicon, which is optimized for smooth mouse usage.

6. Razer Vespula
Mousepad on this one has two sides of the surface. The first side of the control side (textured) while the other side is the speed side (smooth). If you are comfortable with a gaming mouse pad with the smooth surface or rough surface, then this one mouse pad is the right choice for you.

7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017 - Razer Vespula
image source: razerzone.com
With this mouse pad, you can use the smooth side and the rough side in turn without having to replace the mouse pad.

7. ROCCAT Alumic
Not just Razer, but ROCCAT also has one type of mouse pad that has two sides, namely the smooth side and the rough side. A mouse pad is very versatile because it can be used under any circumstances.
7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017 - ROCCAT Alumic
image source: amazon.com
This one Alumic Mousepad is somewhat similar to the Vespula mouse pad from Razer so it will be a great alternative for you.

That's the list of the best 7 gaming mouse pads of the admin version that might be a reference for you when you want to buy a gaming mouse pad.

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Title : 7 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2017

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