6 Naruto Game Latest Android Adventure

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6 Naruto Game Latest Android Adventure
Freeliveyoung.com - Naruto Game The Latest Android Adventure - The game genre has now many choices one of the most popular is the adventure game. Adventure genre special games are also varied. You can find many options in play store.

Playing games on Android also has its own advantages, although not as complete in PC. At least if you're bored and tired you can get entertainment by playing games on your android that you definitely take it anywhere.

But if you are looking for reference naruto game adventure can be quite difficult because the choice is not too much. But at least you can get some references here. Check out the following reviews.

Naruto Game Latest Android Adventure

1.Ninja Adventure
The first game you should try is a ninja adventure. Naruto ninja game is an adventure genre that will invite you to adventure with other ninja friends like Sakura and Sasuke. Here you will play the role of Naruto Uzumaki, adventure and defeat the enemy that confronts.

2.Konoha Heroes
The next game is Konoha heroes. You can get this game by doing Konoha heroes search in play store. You will play online with other Naruto fans. In addition, you also have to fight with another ninja, use kuciyose kick to summon bijuu or monster. Defeat the boss in this game to win the battle.

3.Ultimate Battle: Ninja Dash
Ultimate Battle Ninja Dash is one of the Naruto adventure games that you must try. You will run and adventure while crushing an enemy that is trying to block your adventure. In the journey, you will get item items that make you stronger. So do not miss any items that appear so you can fight a stronger enemy again.

4.Ninja Legend
Ninja Legend is one of the Naruto adventure genre game that you must try next. This one game will make you smile because the character of the character is cute and funny because like a mini ninja. Ninja legend developed by Cave has been getting at least 20 thousand positive reviews that you can make reference how exciting this game.

5.Ninja Manga Saga
Naruto's next adventure game is the Ninja Manga Saga. This adventure game is recommended for those of you who are looking for Naruto adventure games. In this Ninja Manga Saga game, you will play the role of a Hokage. You are in charge of governing the village and keeping the residents alive. In addition to the excitement of the story of this game, you will be made to smile with its unique character.

6.Ninja Runner Adventure
Naruto next adventure game is Ninja Runner Adventure. Ninja Runner Adventure Game was released and developed by Idman Studio. As the title suggests, you will be adventurous running by performing duties as a ninja. You will play the role of Naruto. You have a mission to crush the enemy by running to avoid the obstacles.

A review of the latest Naruto Game Android Adventure. Hopefully can add your reference who is looking for a Naruto adventure game. Thank you for visiting.

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Title : 6 Naruto Game Latest Android Adventure

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