This the 10 Ways To make Motorcycle Body To Like The New you must know

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This the 10 Ways To make Motorcycle Body To Like The New you must know - Ways To make Motorcycle Body To Like The New - How to polish the dull Motorcycle body is almost the same as How to remove the blisters Motorcycle, Motorcycle is a vehicle that is almost owned by all families in Indonesia, not a rare thing for lower-middle-class society. But the average is not yet realized by the public or motorcycle users about the importance of caring for the motorcycle.

One of the problems that happen is the dull color of the motorcycle. Of course, if the color of the motorcycle becomes dull will cause things that are not good to look at. Especially for the youth and students who are very concerned with appearance.

In Motorcycle care, many people are focused on the maintenance of the engine alone without them realizing that there are 8 Tips Caring for Motorcycle To Keep Lincoln, such as service and other. a lot of factors causing the dull color of your Motorcycle such as dust stuck, direct heat from the sun, exposed to rain continuously, exposed to oil, washing and drying the wrong way can make the Motorcycle becomes dull, rarely washed or at least in the lap. From the above factors, I want to share some tips to polish the dull Motorcycle body.

1. Avoid from the sun

Avoid the Motorcycle from direct sunlight, usually, this happens when parking a Motorcycle vehicle in a direct sunlight parking lot. sunlight contains the ultraviolet light that can damage the paint layer of the Motorcycle. this can be avoided by looking for a shady parking lot and you can use a sarong or motorcycle protective cloth to avoid direct sunlight. So you also need to know How to paint the Motorcycle to paint your Motorcycle does not quickly fade if often exposed to the sun.

2. Dive with water

If your Motorcycle is exposed to a lot of dust, the thing that is done of course wiping the part of the motor affected by the dust. In doing the evaporation of dust-affected motor parts need to be careful better to use a little water to wash away the dusty motor part and then wipe with a soft and smooth cloth. this needs to be done to avoid beret that occurs on the body of the motor that you have. However, if your Motorcycle is rusty then How to Eliminate Rust on the Motorcycle that you have to do to keep you well groomed.

3. Immediately clean when exposed to oil

When your Motorcycle is exposed to oil, especially brake fluid that may be about the body of your motor, immediately clean the oil from the body of your motor using Kanebo cloth or the like. after clean from the oil do the process of wastage that uses water as the number two. to avoid the oil from the body of your favorite Motorcycle, check the oil on the brake whether there is an exit or also oil in the shock. if there is oil out on the part it is better to take it to the garage for the repair of the oil.

4. Avoid detergent 

Avoid the use of detergents when washing motorcycles, use a special shampoo for motorcycles when washing the motor. wash using a detergent can cause peeling on your vehicle body paint. Choose the right Motorcycle shampoo.

Janga once tried once to wash using detergent. if it does not have a shampoo Motorcycle to wash and there are detergents at home, better to just wipe it by adding a little water to your favorite motor body. In the care of the motor must be full of care were to take care of Motorcycle Matic Machine must also be known to keep your Motorcycle as new.

5. Wash the Motorcycle regularly

Wash and clean the Motorcycle regularly at 1-2 times a week. do not be too rare to wash things motor because it can cause dirt or dust that accumulates. which will cause the exfoliation on your motor body paint that over time can cause a dull color on your Motorcycle body. make a schedule when to wash the motor, if you do not have time because of busy like work, school or college, you can wash your motorcycle in a Motorcycle laundry, which is now scattered everywhere.

6. Wash the Motorcycle after exposure to rainwater

after being exposed to rainwater try to wash your Motorcycle because rainwater contains nitric acid so it can damage the coating on your Motorcycle body paint luster. other than that rainwater can also cause rust or corrode on your motor body. then try to immediately wash your motor body after exposure to rain directly. do not delay to wash the next time the rainwater that sticks to the old Motorcycle can damage your Motorcycle body paint. then do it immediately after exposure to rainwater, or at least in the lap by using clean water (other than rainwater).

7.Dry the Motorcycle

after doing the washing of the Motorcycle. the motor needs to be dried in terms of drying the body of the motorcycle thing to note is to dry up to dry the body of your motorcycle. do not let any water remaining in your motorcycle body. this can cause rust or corrosion and also color fading in your motorcycle vehicle.

8. Dive every day

Every morning before leaving for school or go to work try to wipe your motorcycle by using a soft and soft cloth while heating your motorcycle engine. this needs to be done to reduce the dust that sticks in your motor body. do not be lazy to wipe your favorite motorcycle in the embezzlement of motorcycle body can also be added silicon to paint motorcycle body to be shiny and protect the paint so as not to fade easily.

9. Adding silicon - make your make Motorcycle Body To Like The New

In doing the evil using silicon in the body of the motor you can function as a shine from your motor body and also serves as a protector of your motor body paint so it is not easy to peel off your motor body paint. appropriate silicone selection with respect to the quality of the silicone material. after adding silicon it is necessary to wipe or re-dry using a soft cloth without using water.

10. Using the scores - make Motorcycle Body To Like The New

Scarlet or block sticker can be used to make the Motorcycle look sleek and nice to look at even though the original body of the motor is dull. The scores can also protect the original body or the main body of your motor from scratches. you can find many seller scores on the roadside as well as install it. even now there are scores of tangible images, be it the football club logo, anime, movies, and others. with a tariff that is not too expensive you can protect your original Motorcycle body by covering with a scored.

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Title : This the 10 Ways To make Motorcycle Body To Like The New you must know

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