Skin scaly, But the Benefits Extraordinary

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The benefit of salak fruit - - The benefit of salak fruit - Salak fruit or Salacca zalacca called originated from the island of Java and Sumatra. But with the distribution of cultivation, this dark brown fruit can also be found in various regions in Indonesia, such as in Bali, Lombok, Timor, and Maluku. Fruit that had skin like the scales of a snake so-called snake fruit is fruitful and harvested in certain months only. Some types of bark that are known among other things pondoh of Sleman, Yogyakarta, Central Java, and bark Bali the original course of Island Dewata.

Salak pondoh and salak Bali, in general, can be said to represent the tastes of every fan. Salak pondoh is known for its sweet taste with soft crunchy flesh. While salak Bali favored by those who want a slightly sour sweet taste with the texture of meat that contains water. Salak fruit is not beautiful, but the benefits of fruits can make people fall in love as well. Come on, we see any benefits.

1.Preventing Constipation
Difficult to defecate every day? Eating salak fruit can be an alternative to overcome this problem. When most people get rid of the epidermis on the fruit, the doctor recommends eating the Salak with him. Because it is in the epidermis is a lot of fiber that can prevent constipation. In addition, salak fruit also contains tannins, as anti-diarrhea.

2.For Diet Program
Some of those who want to lose weight, run the diet by eating fruits. Fruit Salak good to make a choice. As with other fruits, the fiber content in barking gives a longer satiety. Potassium elements help the process of metabolism by speeding up the oxidation that the body needs in processing and removing fat from the body.

3.Brain Nutrition
From research, calcium or potassium contained in fruits turned out to be beneficial to improve brain performance. The potassium element plays an important role in maintaining the electrolyte conductivity in the brain that affects the functioning of the brain as a whole. This relates to the brain's ability to remember in the learning process.

4.Maintaining Eye Health
Salak contains carotene or red pigment is high enough compared to other fruits. These antioxidant compounds also called provitamin A, which serves as vitamin A. In the body, provitamin A undergoes the process of being a vitamin A. Carotene is useful to slow the aging process on the eye muscles, so that early can prevent night blindness in old age. While vitamin A serves to maintain clarity of the cornea of the eye and become an important component in retinal cells.

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Title : Skin scaly, But the Benefits Extraordinary

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