How to take care Fighting Fish

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How To Care For Betta Fish

Before caring for betta adult, it would be nice to find out how to care for betta fish children used to be Yes. Next friend opens brand new struggles begin running play with the freshwater aquarium fish (freshwater). Know first to prepare the place, following some of the size and type of aquarium design with the latest model.

1. providing Aquarium

Fish name popping up increasingly Hickey, multi-faceted aquarium betta fish also create the newfangled-model with a design that is elegant and beautiful. Its shape is able to draw the environment, ranging from a small round, square box, up to the largest, any way you can just pick your own lah. Size of aquarium fish betta not actually tied to the forms, but the most ideal and proper betta make a range of 15 x 15 x 20 cm. One of the types of fish that have a passionate nature is betta fish, then for aquarium does not require a large, even going to the advantages of the location. Next friend is able to member a sweetener in the form of rocks and ornamental plants also, hopefully, it looks natural and natural as well as beautiful when seen.

2. Provide water

Water that is fit to care for ornamental fish none other is capable of taking of water wells, in addition to the very fit with temperature is also seen clearly. Next was able to provide water PAM provided should be left in the past for a day last night with the aim of eliminating toxins. Furthermore the replacement of water generally 3 days after the treatment period. In addition to maintaining the health of the fish, as well as to accelerate its growth. How to replace the water fish betta try with a small strainer or nets especially small fish, don't bring your hands up to cause a broken fin will make the Hickey. Betta Fish Aquarium Cleaning Tips Various fish betta name itself more and more divided, but most important is how to take care of fish kissing serit. Not much different from the other, enough episodes of the wall in lap eliminate mucus only. Then rinse with water only, do not the hygienic to quote the SOAP because it will jeopardize Hickey i.e. poisoning. If it is reasonably clean, fill water by half or 1/3 aquarium, then let a few minutes will be able to steady it perpendicular to the original. Well, friends were able to enter the next fish in the aquarium. 

3. Betta fish care.

Next how to care for betta fish that is commonly carried out by farmers, which is occasionally put a betta fish under the blazing sun or dry it up. This is aimed at eliminating all types of mushrooms which will be the basil as a trigger for the onset of skin disease. Exception if a friend keeps Hickey is black, then try not to quote the dry it up. Because known black color will more quickly absorb the light and cause panic, Hickey. The way of drying out the fish betta quite 2 hours only, i.e. ranging from 8 to 10 o'clock in the morning for 15 minutes only. Fast move if Hickey felt panic (many vagaries).

4. How to care for Betta Fish-Feeding

Betta fish food which was little able to provided mosquito larva in a way quite sprinkled on air only, if visible gear-drive will undoubtedly eat. How to feed enough in little-little, judging exclusively runs out then it could give it away like they are. For Hickey is already growing up, in General, will be more quickly buy feed in-store only, many already provide for the fish betta pellets. To keep in mind here is that when feeding him, seek to perfect time, as usual, don't until late or irregular.Give the feed we standard meals, i.e., morning and evening. It could also be just afternoon or early morning to avoid the quick the crust aquarium.

5. Leaf of Terminalia Catappa

There have been many who wear leaves this fish to take care of ketapang Hickey, in addition to functioning create tranquility will also neutralize the water to be healthy. Ketapang leaves benefits for Hickey is the antidote to herbal remedies as water may escape from the mushrooms and basil that is an alternative for friends who rarely replace water tank. as long as it doesn't ketapang leaves put a surplus, instead of dark colors will make the water and the fish betta will not be visible.

6. how to train your Betta Fish So Ferocious

There are several ways of caring for betta fish may the malignant effect fight and win the game. The first 2 betta fish to put in the aquarium, but the one wrapped with plastic wrap and let them roam freely. Intended to form a long breath, i.e. the length found with plastic fish going up down the bottom to the top. The second was able to provide the jar around, then rotate in the water slowly with a clockwise. This method aims at creating physical fish betta grew influential and not easily

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Title : How to take care Fighting Fish

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