Collection of Microsoft Office / Alternate Additions

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Collection of Microsoft Office / Alternate Additions - Collection of Microsoft Office / Alternate Additions - Microsoft Office has indeed become one of the software must own when you have a computer system windows. But to be able to have this program, you have to pay to get the official software. And if you do not pay, you can also look for pirated versions but this is, of course, infringing copyright and has a risk that you have to bear alone.

Therefore I give advice 5 The best Microsoft Office replacement software that you can use for free including inline mode. Although free, this alternative software resembles Microsoft Office which also has Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. And also has a feature that is not less with the existing in Microsoft Office.

Best Alternative Microsoft Office (Word, Exel, PowerPoint) Applications on PC Laptops

Here are some of the best Microsoft office replacement software that I have prepared for the tech lovers, please be informed of the good - good.

# 1. LibreOffice
libre office application
The default software office is bundled with the Linux operating system. Libre Office can be used on other devices such as Windows and MacOS. LibreOffice has a look similar to Ms. Official Office. With a view that is familiar enough, users can directly use it without the fear of a different view of the official Office of Microsoft. Software licensed GPL is, much in demand because of the convenience of users and including lightweight office software to date. Download Click Here ]

# 2. Google Docs
google docs alternative microsoft office
Google Docs Is a development of office tools from Google. Similar to Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs can also be used to manage various types of documents as well as in Microsoft Outlook. Sanyangnya Google Docs can only use online through a website. Future Maybe Google will make Google Docs Can Be Used in offline mode. Create Click Here ]

# 3. WPS Office
free office wps office alternative
WPS Office is one software that is almost the same as Microsoft Office. What distinguishes between Office made by Microsoft with WPS Office is 100% Free WPS Office and the look of this software is quite elegant as paid software. WPS Office Also available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android devices. Download Click Here ]

# 4. Open Office
alternative microsoft office applications
Open Office is a subsidiary of the most popular open - source Apache Software Foundation. Open Office is completely free and can be used by anyone. Just like WPS and Libre, Open Office can also be used for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Download Click Here ]

# 5. Free Office
alternative microsoft office applications
Free Office is one of the free offices is quite famous. Features owned by Free Office is enough to compete with Office Paid that is owned by Microsoft. In addition to computers, Free Office can also be used on Android. [Download Click Here ]

That's  5 Best Microsoft Office Replacement Software. Hopefully Helpful And Do not forget to share your friends. And if you want to ask the comment field wide open for you guys.
Thanks for Reading Collection of Microsoft Office / Alternate Additions.

Title : Collection of Microsoft Office / Alternate Additions

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