3 Trick How to clean Phone Android Screen from scratches

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3 Trick How to clean Phone Android Screen from scratches

Freeliveyoung.com - For you Please try the trick below to help fix your Phone Screen from scratches...

1.How to clean Phone Android Screen from scratches with Toothpaste

In addition to cleansers, toothpaste turns can also be used to remove scratches on the screen Phone. How is quite simple, just put a little to end cotton or clean cloth, then rub it slowly in a way moving it in a circular on the Phone screen android you are exposed to the slowly scratches disappear. Then after that, wipe your Phone screen using a soft cloth slightly moistened with the aim to eliminate the remnants of toothpaste used earlier.

2.How to clean Phone Android Screen with egg white and Alum

Simple ways you can do next to get rid of used Phone screen scratches on you is to use the egg white mixture and potassium aluminum sulfate or alum. First, you need to prepare a soft cloth or cotton, eggs, aluminum foil and alum (potassium aluminum sulfate). Here's how: Combine egg whites with one teaspoon of alum in the pot. Heat until the temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Then soak the cloth/cotton on the egg and the mixture of alum. The input of fabric on aluminum foil, then place into a preheated oven 300 degrees until the fabric is completely dry. Remove the fabric from the oven then rinse with cool water approximately 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat the step about three times, then allow the fabric to dry for 48 hours. After that, the fabric ready for used remove the scratches on the screen Phone you.

3.How to clean scratches on Screen mobile with eucalyptus oil

And the last tip is to use eucalyptus oil, this way is indeed quite simple, eucalyptus oil used enough 1 to 3 drops only. You only need to drip it on a piece of tissue, then rub the cloth in a circular on the affected screen scratches.

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Title : 3 Trick How to clean Phone Android Screen from scratches

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