12 Benefits of Pineapple Fruit For Body Health

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Benefits of Pineapple Fruit For Body Health - Freeliveyoung.com
Freeliveyoung.com - Benefits of Pineapple Fruit For Body Health - The fruit of this one form is unique. But do you know the many benefits of pineapple fruit for the health of the body? Let's see the reviews!

1.Smooth digestion
Pineapples contain lots of fiber that is good for digesting your body. In addition, pineapple also contains vitamin C that helps constipation. So also with the protease enzymes contained in it. This enzyme is able to digest proteins in the body.

2.Overcome the flu and fever
Flu and fever can be overcome with this fruit because of this fruit because it contains lots of vitamin C. Vitamin C launches obstacles in the throat. In addition, this vitamin also fights against flu viruses and fever.

3.Maintaining dental health
Vitamin C in the pineapple prevents plaque that can cause tooth pain.

4.Smooth skin
Pineapple fruit is able to remove dead skin cells on the body that helps in the process of smoothing the skin. In addition, pineapple can also overcome the peeling or scaly skin.

How to use:

Prepare pineapple that has been shredded, then paste h a seal grated on the skin flaking or scaly. Paste overnight, then rinse with clean water.

5.Overcoming bloating in the stomach
Bloating is usually caused by excessive wind or gas in the digestive tract, stomach, and intestines. This problem can be overcome by eating pineapple fruit juice before eating.

6.Treat Gout
Pineapple fruit contains bromelain and potassium enzymes that can overcome uric acid. The enzyme is a diuretic that is able to overcome the problem of uric acid. Not recommended to consume pineapple is too ripe. This is due to overcooked pineapple can actually cause your uric acid levels rise.

7.Relieves a sore throat
Inflammation of the throat can be overcome by pineapple fruit because the pineapple contains vitamin C. It is recommended to consume pineapple not directly, but made juice first.

8.Boost immunity
Amino acids contained in pineapple helps to boost immunity. People know that amino acids can also overcome fatigue in the body.

9.Lowering blood pressure
Pineapple fruit contains potassium that is beneficial for people with high blood. For those of you who have high blood, now do not have to worry, because by eating pineapple every day can lower your high blood pressure.

10.Lose weight
For those of you who want to lose weight, may be able to taste this fruit. Enzymes contained in the pineapple is able to absorb fat in the digestion so that fat will be wasted. Wasted fat is what is able to lose weight.

11.Overcoming dandruff
Pineapple can not only overcome the health of your face or body but can also be used as a hair treatment to overcome dandruff.

How to use:

Prepare pineapple juice plus lemon. Then use the hair evenly. Rinse thoroughly. Dry with a towel.

* Use regularly for maximum results.

12.Restore lips health
If your lips are cracked, this fruit you can use. Use it with coconut oil. In addition, to heal a split lip - breaks, you can also use it instead of lipstick, that is by eating it every day.

For you, pineapple lovers, do you still think twice after knowing the twelve benefits of this pineapple? For those of you who do not like pineapple, do not you want to think once again to try to consume this fruit after knowing its remarkable benefits? Whatever it is, hopefully, you are always healthy.

Title : 12 Benefits of Pineapple Fruit For Body Health

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