10 ways to take care of a good DSLR camera

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10 ways to take care of a good DSLR camera

Freeliveyoung.com - 10 ways to take care of the correct DSLR camera in order to remain Durable - Has the DSLR camera that means you should be ready for her treatment. Yes, this camera also takes care of so lens always clean from dust. In addition, the care of DSLR cameras is also done to keep these cameras in order to remain durable. How to care for the right DSLR camera for is indeed very useful to extend the age of the camera.

Did you know that mushrooms could grow in DSLR cameras that are not routinely cleaned? Therefore, if you have a DSLR camera then do treatment by cleaning it regularly. This time, Find the signal will share how to care for DSLR cameras for beginners. Yuk, refer to the following next steps!

10 ways to take care of a good DSLR camera

1. keep the camera from Water
Although DSLR cameras You claimed waterproof or weather sealed, try to keep it distanced the camera from the water. DSLR cameras are very sensitive to water. The water that goes into the camera can damage the internal components of your DSLR camera. In addition, the rest of the water that precipitates can also make lens dewy. How to clean a DSLR lens without the use of water is with a cleaning kit. A cleaning kit is a series of Purifier camera in order not and dusty.

2. Keep the camera lens Hygiene
Always keep Your camera lens hygiene although the camera will not be used. One way is to use a DSLR lens clean cleaning kit, but you can also use a special cleaner fluid. However, do not directly spray liquid cleaner to the lens, but spray the liquid onto the laps of microfiber, and then sweep the lap to all parts of the lens. In addition, always attach the lens cap when the lens is not used. Lens cap will protect Your camera lens from dust or fingerprints. Not only was able to keep the lens clean, lens cap also keeps the lens in order to be protected from all kinds of collisions.

3. bring the camera In a special Bag
When you want to bring a camera for photography, use special bags for DSLR cameras. This bag comes with a padded cushion in it that keeps the camera from any kind of collision. In this particular bag is also available a special space to store the lens, charger, filters, and other supplies that will support Your photographic activity. This particular bag will protect Your DSLR camera in order not easily broken. Avoid plugging the camera into a bag or duffel bag, because the bag is not fitted with a protector to keep your camera safe.

4. Complete Camera with LCD screen protectors
Just like the cell phone, how to care for DSLR cameras specifically on the LCD is by installing a screen guard or screen protector. This will keep the protective screen to not scraped or exposed prints. In fact, screen guard will keep the LCD screen in order to be protected from water or dust. The price of this cheap screen protectors, but many photographers who forget or lazy to install. In fact, screen protectors are the only way to keep the LCD screen of the camera to keep it smooth and clean.

5. Wipe the Body of the camera Periodically
Treatment not only performed on LCD screens only but also on the body of the camera. Try to clean Your camera body with eucalyptus oil. Why? Because of the eucalyptus oil to dry faster and contain very little water. However, it's been widely available liquid cleaners to care for the body of the camera. Apply the liquid to the cloth, and then polishing cloth to the entire body of the camera. Do not forget to reach out to the rubber ring zoom ring and the focus on the camera lens, because these sections are usually often missed when someone cleans the body DSLR camera.

6. attach Filter to protect the lens
One more thing to watch out for if you want to take care of DSLR cameras to keep durable, do not forget to install the UV Filter on your lens. 2, the installation of filters on the lens will not reduce the quality of shooting photos. True to its name, the UV Filter will keep the lens from the bad influence of sunlight containing ultraviolet. In addition, the function of the filter is to prevent dust and dirt stuck in the lens. The filter should also be cleaned periodically when you clean the lens. However, you do not need to be extra careful when cleaning the filter lens, simply rub with fine cloth filters only.

7. attach the Lens Hood to the lens
What is the function of the lens hood? Whether its function only to make DSLR camera so it looks cooler? It is not. Lens hood is used to prevent excess light get into the sensor of the camera. You need to know that the light coming into the camera sensor, in the long run, it turns out may reduce the sensitivity of the sensor itself. Therefore, when you are hunting photos in open space during the day, always use the lens hood and UV filter. Just for information, the price of the lens hood is also not too expensive.

8. Notice the Camera Battery Care
Lithium-ion batteries used on the camera you usually have about 500 times the charging cycle. So, if it had passed the 500 cycles times charging, the battery power will generally decrease and you should immediately replace the battery. How to care for DSLR cameras so that the battery remains durable battery does not allow cameras is stored in the room with the temperature extremes of 43 degrees. Don't forget to charge the battery when you're not using the camera for a long period of time.

9. use the Shoulder Strap when taking Photos
Simple things that one is also part of the caring for the camera. Yes, you must use the shoulder strap when snapping wherever you are. This cord serves to hang the camera around his neck while you're taking a photo. Because we never know what will happen, shoulder strap keeps the camera so as not to fall or detached from the Palm of your hand. The price of the shoulder strap is cheap but is able to protect your camera optimally.

10. store the camera in a Dry Box
How to store a true DSLR camera is by putting it into a dry box. The dry box will protect the camera from changes in temperature which belongs to the extreme. True to its name, this storage box will keep the camera to keep it dry and avoid moisture that may damage the internal components of the camera. Dry box is also useful to protect your DSLR camera in order, not moldy. Because storing the camera in humid places can make the camera a moldy, especially on the part of the optical lens.

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Title : 10 ways to take care of a good DSLR camera

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