How to Care for a Poodle

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How to keep a poodle dog
Freeliveyoung.comHow to Care for a Poodle - Pets ornamental this time that we will be the language is Dog Poodle, Dog poodle or poodle is a dog of non-sporting group or utility which is believed to come from France. Poodle/poodle has a unique appearance, unlike the dog as usual. Poodles are intelligent, fun, and loyal dogs. These properties apply to all three poodle sizes, Standard, Thumbnail, and Toy. There are several types of poodles, namely Standard poodle, Miniature and Toys (Toy). Some famous poodle dogs are Georgette from Oliver & Company, Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog, Barbara Ann from Good Boy !, Fifi from "Open Season 2" and "Open Season 3" and others. How to care for a poodle is not easy, it takes patience and patience, especially in the "grooming" issue of the poodle's fur.

How to Care for a Poodle

The poodle is a curly hairy dog. Poodles have a variety of colors, such as white, brown, and black. Ordinary poodle in her haircut and left on her legs, over her head, Near her neck and also at her waist. The female poodle has a short tail, while a male poodle has a long tail.

Poodles are well known throughout the world because of their uniqueness and ingenuity. Although mentioned originated from France, a poodle is also believed to come from Germany or Russia. Standard Poodle Dogs (the largest size) are trained to swim and float on the surface of the water until the bog is in the allotment for water retrievers or chasing game animals in the water. But in Russia, the standard poodle dog is actually used as a towing cart milk.

When a standard poodle is brought to France, that's when it starts with a smaller size called miniature poodle or Mini Poodle and toy poodle or Toy Poodle. The development of poodles toy very rapidly, Europeans prefer toy poodles in the cause of its good and funny shape, cute and beautiful. Poodle fur can be formed according to the wishes of the owner. Poodle dogs are very easy to train until often used in circus performances in Europe.

The poodle has a round head shape with a long snout, the ears hanging down, the tail perpendicular to the upright. There are a variety of feathers that are owned by poodles that are black, white, brown, gray and blue. Poodles have a loyal and playful nature. Standard poodle dogs have bolder properties than other rather shy poodle types.

The Need for the Treatment of Dog Fur Poodles

The poodle has its own peculiarity in comparison to other dog breeds, that is, the poodle does not experience a feather-changing period like any other race dog. Poodle fur grows in all parts of the body even inside the ear hole. Special care is required on poodles to look beautiful, healthy and well groomed. Like the following treatments;
Poodle fur should be combed every day, otherwise, it will coagulate because the fur grows quickly and is used to remove the less healthy hairs.
The poodle that grows in the ear hole should be removed to facilitate the ear cleaning.
Feathers on the muzzle, toe, bottom neck, base of the tail should be shaved every 3 to 6 weeks.
Poodle dogs are bathed at least once a week.
Poodle dogs should be kept in the house because when housed outside the house will be dirty quickly.
How to bathe and care for the body Poodle Dog

Bathing poodles are basically almost the same as how to bathe other types of dogs, with a note of careful attention to the problem of cleaning the hair in certain parts as follows:

1. Bath activities first begin with cutting nails, click here to process the nail cut.

2. Cut the fur on the sole of the dog's foot.This fur grows on the long-haired dog, the short-haired dog does not grow.The sole of the foot becomes slippery when the feather has covered the sole of the foot The cutting of the sole should be done on a regular basis when the dog is bathed.

3. Just as the feathers of the soles of the feet, the rectum around the rectum of a long-haired dog should also be cut off the feathers so that the dirt does not get caught in the fur especially when the dog suffers from diarrhea. Dirt that caught the fur causing an unpleasant smell.

4. Cutting just around the rectum so it looks neat and hygienic.

5. Comb the dog hair first so that no hair is still tangled when washed with water.

After the sweeping activity, the part comb to be cleaned is the ear part. Use cotton and 70% alcohol or special cleaning fluid that is widely available in the pet shop.

1. Provide a piece of cosmetic cotton and tongs with tweezers.

2 & 3. After that roll the tweezers with cotton. The size of the roll is adjusted to the ear hole of the dog. Extend the cotton at the end of the tweezers so that the tip of the tweezers does not hurt the dog's ears.

4. Wipe cotton with 70% alcohol. Do not get too wet to keep the alcohol from entering the eardrum. To ensure cotton should be squeezed first so that the remaining alcohol can be wasted.

5. Clean the ears by turning tweezers on the dirty part.

6. In order for the ear hole to avoid entering the water when bathing the poodle, we need to clog the ear hole using cotton. Take enough cotton and make a ball with a size slightly larger than the ear hole.
Input by using a finger. Use tweezers to position the cotton deeper and make sure the cotton is not released by the time the dog moves. The position of the cotton remains to be seen.

7. Do not use sprayer because the water pressure coming out of the sprayer is so high that it can hurt the dog when exposed to sensitive body parts such as nose or eyes.

8. Although the ears are covered in cotton, water pressure from the sprayer can still penetrate.

9. Use only the hose and set the water pressure. Start to burn the body so that the dog is not surprised.

10. Then direct the hose to the head. Play the flow of water when washing the head.

11. After the whole body is wet, pour the shampoo throughout the body of the dog until blended. Use a shampoo that has a tearless formula in order not to have eyesight. If you are having trouble finding tearless shampoo, you can use baby shampoo for head section while body part keeps using the shampoo formulated for dog skin.

12. Scrub the whole section until the shampoo is evenly and frothy. Use a soft brush to keep dirt easy to clean. A soft brush can use a shoe polish brush. Rubbing must be in the direction of the head toward the tail. Do not forget to clean the rectum with a soft brush because this part is usually found dried feces stools.

13. When finished, rinse with clean water. We recommend that the process of cleaning with shampoo done twice so that the fur and skin are completely free of dirt. Make sure there is no shampoo left behind because it can make skin and fur damaged.

14. Rinse from the head and continue the lower part especially around the chest and abdomen.
Dry the dog using a cloth that has a high absorption.

15. Dry the dog by using a special blower for dogs. Do not use a hair dryer commonly used by humans because hot air released by a hair dryer can burn the skin and dog hair. If you do not have a special blower you can dry in a natural way that is by drying the place that is not exposed to sunlight and there is airflow.

16. When drying with a blower, consider whether there are skin diseases or lice.

17. After dog hair is completely dry, comb it with a special comb for dog hair. Consult with your pet shop the kind of comb that is suitable for your dog fur kind.

So, so how to care for a good and true poodle dog, may be useful, thank you for reading: How to Care for a Poodle article.

Title : How to Care for a Poodle

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