How to Take Care of a Cat

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How to keep a cat
Freeliveyoung.comHow to Take Care of a Cat - Cats are one of the most preferred pet humans. Besides being funny, the cat's behavior is also very adorable. However, do you know how to take care of him? All animals have sensitive properties that must be understood by humans. If you are a beginner and are curious about how to care for cats, here are some basic tips.

How to Take Care of a Cat

1. Kittens need twice as many nutrients as adults. Although he needs more nutrition, that does not mean you have to overeat him. After 5-6 weeks, give food regularly 4 times every day.

2. Do not give dog food for cats! Dog food does not contain taurine, the nutrients the cat needs to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

3. After 8-10 months, you can get used to eating home foods such as rice and milk. This habit should you do early on.

4. No need to bathe the cat regularly. When cat hair starts to smell, you can bathe it with cold water. Hot water can damage the hair and cause skin irritation in cats.

5. Brush the cat's fur on a regular basis. It can remove dead hairs, germs, and bacteria in the fur.

6. Go out and play with him. Physical activity helps the growth and development of kittens well. Your pet will grow healthy and agile.

7. Teach the habits of everyday life. You can start teaching some good habits in cats like going to the toilet, eating, and bed.

8. Be firm about bad behavior. You have to be firm on the bad behavior he shows. That way, he will understand what is good and bad.

9. Vaccinations. Vaccination must be done regularly to avoid viruses and diseases. For that, immediately consult a veterinarian.

10. Take care of the cleanliness of his body. You have to diligently wash your teeth, ears, and cat nails. These spots are very susceptible to germs and bacteria you know. If left unclean, this can cause infections and diseases in cats.

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Title : How to Take Care of a Cat

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