Blincam, Advanced Camera That Shoots with Winks

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Blincam, Advanced Camera That Shoots with Winks - Photos indeed become unavoidable activities in one's life in this day and age. Taking pictures seems to be an unavoidable habit. For those of you who like a photo hobby, here's a review of Blincam, a highly sophisticated camera recommendation where you can take pictures with a wink.
So just with you blink your eyes, you can already take pictures. Curious about this advanced camera?

Blincam, Camera with New Breakthrough

Japan comes back with new breakthroughs in technology. This time Japan is about to release a sophisticated camera that can take pictures with just a blink of an eye. How to take pictures with just a wink is staying possibility will be a new breakthrough in the field of photography.

The advanced camera is called Blincam , where the camera was developed by a group of teams based in Tokyo. If the owner wants to use this camera, then the way is quite simple really. Owners only need to pair Blincam in the ear as the glasses in general.

Actually, the camera-shaped glasses is not a new thing anymore considering recently Google has Google Glass that has advanced camera features. So came the idea of a startup from Tokyo to develop a sophisticated camera concept which was then called Blincam.

How to Use Blincam

Then simply whether how to use this Blincam camera? The trick is very easy, why users just need to pair the blincam in your ears like glasses. When the user has put it right glasses then you can take photographs just by winking alone. Wow, sophisticated is not it?

Yes, this advanced camera development team says if Blincam is very compatible. Especially when juxtaposed with mobile applications that can provide direct access to photos captured by the camera.
Blincam, Advanced Camera
Blincam, Advanced Camera
Blincam itself features Eye Movement Sensor. This feature is a technology that can detect the user's eyes when he blinks. So when the user blinks his eyes, then the targeted image will be captured. Besides sophistication Blincam not only lies in how to take pictures with just winks alone.

The advanced camera called Blincam is also equipped with speakers, LED battery indicator, Bluetooth connectivity, micro USB port. The camera is also supported with 32GB of internal storage and also a CMOS HD camera sensor.

Well, what distinguishes Blincam from Google Glass itself is Google Glass which features much more complete than Blincam. Although actually Google Glass can also be used to take photos and record video.

Google Glass has the same ability as Blincam where these glasses can take pictures when the glasses are worn. So the user will be able to take pictures of what he sees.
Features Blincam
As for how to control Google Glass, there are two ways or mechanism. Namely by using the hand or it could also with voice commands. It's just a problem will appear if this voice control feature is used. So when the user is wrong in talking and accidentally ruled Google Glass-wearing it can be troublesome.

For the battery capacity of Google Glass itself can be said quickly run out. Especially if used for recording video or image. If Google Glass is not used for that activity for it, then the battery can last about 4 hours.
Blincam and Google Glass
Yes, that's what gadget reviews are about Blincam and Google Glass. The sophisticated camera that can take pictures with glasses. Just the difference Google Glass can only be used with a touch or sound, so cannot shoot with a wink, not like Blincam. Thanks for reading: Blincam, Advanced Camera That Shoots with Winks article.

Title : Blincam, Advanced Camera That Shoots with Winks

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