Best Video Player Apps on Android Free 2017

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Best Video Player Apps on Android Free 2017 - Video player application - Video player application that is on Android is needed to play or play video on your android phone be it a video format mp4, FLV and so forth. Watching videos is a fun activity.

Therefore, we need a video player application that matches the file you have because not all existing android video player applications can read and play the video file.

But along with the development of technology, developers or developers android applications today, to get a video player application that you can use easily and for free.

There are several applications that you can use, but do you know that any android video player application can bring different video viewing experience because it has different features.

There is a video player app that has a feature that can display any movie text that does not exist. There is a video player application that can play all types of video files that exist on your android phone and some that only support some video formats only.

For more details then will be explained about some of the best and easiest and free android video player apps:

Best Video Player Apps on Android Free 2017

1. MX Player
MX Player app
MX player is a video player app that probably almost all HP android have installed this application because of many advantages in it, such as a feature to resume video.

This application you can close without having to stop the video first when you feel bored and feel sleepy while watching a movie playing in this MX player application. This is very easy for you to watch the movie you play before, you just need to open the MX Player application then search for the movie you have seen earlier and you just continue it.

You can also adjust the display brightness or brightness without having to follow the bright red that is in your android phone. What's more interesting than this application is the ability to install subtitle files that you have downloaded earlier on movies that speak foreign languages with ease.

This is because the MX Player application is set to facilitate its users. Here are the details of the features available in the MX Player application:

  • MX Player has HW decoder support and the latest that allows for fast video playback process.
  • Supports multi-core repeats, the MX Player app is the first video player to have this feature
  • There are features Pinch To Zoom, Zoom, and pan that can be used to zoom in and out the view easily by the user.
  • MX player also features Kids Lock which can prevent to open applications other than MX Player when we watch video or movie in this app.

Are you interested in trying? You can instantly install it for free on your Google Play Android Phone Store.

2. VLC Video Player
VLC Video Player application
This video player application named VLC Video Player is one of the most popular applications to use at the moment because it has attractive graphical features and a simple interface that can be used easily without confusing the user.

In addition provided for PCs and Laptops, it turns out this application is also available for the android platform. For users who are already accustomed to using this app on PC and Laptops surely you will find it easy to use this application on your android phone.

This application has features similar to MX Player that features resume, subtitle adder feature and the lock button in this VLC Video Player application. The lock button in this application is useful for locking VLC Video Player application, so make the video or movie you play run smoothly without fear of being touched by hand or object accidentally pressing the next or pause button.

This app also comes with a customizable light adjustment feature. For more details here is a detailed description of the features in VLC for Android:

  • VLC for android supports almost all video formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, M2TS, MOV, FLAC, Wv, and ACC. Includes all codecs are also provided without having to download separately.
  • It has media libraries for both audio and video files and can view folders directly.

You can get this app for free from the Google Play Store.

3. HD Video Player
HD Video Player application
HD Video Player is an interesting and easy-to-use video player application because it supports file storage in external memory / SD card. This feature is a superior feature of the HD Video Player because not all video player apps that exist today can open video or movie files in the external memory of your phone.

In addition, this application can also read video decoding easily which means this application can detect all types of video formats stored on the phone and supports HD video.

In terms of popularity of this application is less popular than video player applications such as MX player and VLC video player for android because the number of users who have installed both applications is very much.

But for those of you who store lots of videos or movies on external memory, you can try to use this HD video player application because you can freely and very easy to store and find video files with some stages only.

This app is also available for free on the Google Play Store.

4. Mobo Player
Mobo Player application
Mobo player is a video player application that supports all types of file formats that exist in your android. For those of you Mobo Player users you can directly watch a video or movie without having to convert files first to play on your android phone.

Mobo Player also allows users to watch movies or videos from PC to your Android Smartphone, so you do not have to bother to replace or convert video files you want to play.

This application also has playback quality and subtitle support and video sharing feature that you can do through this Mobo Player application. Here's a summary of features owned by the Mobo player application:

  • Supports all types of video formats ranging from mp $, MKV, ass, move built this and plug-in srt
  • The app also supports HTTP and RTSP streaming formats
  • It has a feature that can be used to share video clips directly from the app, and can also be used to screenshot images.

That's some video player app that you can use easily and is the best video player application in 2017. Hopefully useful, and congratulations to watch your favorite videos and movies on your android phone. Thanks for reading: Best Video Player Apps on Android Free 2017 article.

Title : Best Video Player Apps on Android Free 2017

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