10 Ways to Avoid Avoid Flu

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10 Ways to Avoid Avoid Flu
Freeliveyoung.com - 10 Ways to Avoid Avoid Flu- Flu is a disease that should be preventable. Many cases of flu that actually need not suffer just because of negligent or may not know how to prevent it.

Do not underestimate the flu. Especially for those who are elderly, flu attacks are generally more severe than when it happened to the younger. In addition to their immune systems that enter the age of the aging is getting decreased, the type of flu virus that enters the body is also not necessarily the same.

We recognize three large families of flu virus types (types A, B, and C). Each type has so many members of his own family.
The temperament of family members of each type of flu virus is also not the same degree of ferocity. Some are benign, some are ferocious. Common flu strikes Europeans, for example, unlike in Indonesia, it is generally classified as a malignant type of flu virus, often deadly. The flu epidemic of the early XX century in Spain, claiming hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Because of not all viruses, including flu viruses, there are anti-drugs, the ultimate key to preventing flu viruses still remain only two ways, namely by increasing the immune system and reduce the possibility of the body entered by the virus.

Below are some tips how to keep the flu that threatens in this rainy season not to happen to us. What needs to be done?

10 Ways to Avoid Avoid Flu

1. Ask for a flu vaccine.
For the elderly, it is advisable to get a flu shot vaccine during the coming flu season. However, not all types of viruses can be avoided with the flu vaccine.

From time to time the flu vaccine is enhanced by the content of vaccine types by the flu virus type that is causing the outbreak. However, in addition to different types of virus, not a rare occurrence of the emergence of a type of virus that escaped the effort antidote, so varied types and strains of flu viruses that exist. Not to mention the possibility of the virus changed the nature (mutation), so a vaccine becomes no longer potent antidote.

2. Stay away from cold exposure.
Westerners dub the flu as catch cold or exposed to cold. Indeed, the longer and often exposed to the cold-weather body (air, bath water, refrigerated room, cold drinks, wind), the weaker the body's resistance, and the more vulnerable to viruses (anything).

We know, the seeds of viral diseases can only be resisted by relying on endurance. If the endurance decreases, the body's defenses will be broken, and flu or other viral diseases will potentially infect. Only when the body's defenses are strong, the virus that has entered into the body will be crushed and people get sick fell ill.

That's because as long as the body is just floored by the flu virus alone, the most powerful antibiotic drug becomes wasteful because the virus cannot be quelled by any type of antibiotics and generations. In addition to wasting money for unnecessary, the body is already burdened by the side effects of antibiotics.

Cases of flu actually do not need to be given antibiotics. In Indonesia, the flu is generally considered a minor disease. People are still doing their daily activities in offices, schools, and other outdoor activities.

Flu disease that was only inhabited by the virus alone, due to the body in the condition has been weakened by virus attacks, seeds of other diseases will easily participate make use of entering the body, then emerged a new disease. In that way, flu in Indonesia is often prolonged, and can even complicate.

Not infrequently the flu develops into other ENT infections (throat, throat, nose) infections, in addition to the possibility of infection by germs that enter the lung make use of also (bronchopneumonia, pneumonia).

That is also the reason why those who are flu should stay at home. In addition to potentially self-defeating, in the flu outside the home will spread the virus into the air around the patient, especially when in the room (designed closed unventilated) refrigerated.

3. Strengthen the body.
With a rest and high nutritious menu during the rainy season, the body strengthened its durability. In addition to how to warm the body (warm drink, warm bath, balm rub), select also high nutritious menu, especially high-protein (eggs, milk, meat), not enough menu-Mayur menu (clear vegetable).

Westerners usually serve hot chicken soup as long as the body is exposed in the cold. Avoid rain showers, a gust of wind, in the open air. Make us can choose to drink warm body (wedang ginger, bandrek, bajigur, or sekoteng), especially after the body rain shower, cold swimming, beach tour.

4. Avoid going to crowded places.
During the rainy season, and many people are sick with the flu, you should not travel to crowded places if you do not have to. If it can be postponed it should not visit traditional markets, supermarkets, malls, cinemas, terminals, stations, public health centers, hospitals, schools, banquet halls. In places where people are crowding, flu viruses, including other types of viruses, fly around in the air, and our noses breathe in the air.

5. Reduce cigarettes and alcohol.
Both types of these substances can potentially reduce body resistance. Smoking "injuries" the airway mucous membranes, making the airway more vulnerable to enter the virus. Smoking room cigarettes, weakening the respiratory tract of people who inhale it as well (passive smoker).

6. Diligently wash your hands with soap. 
Our hands and fingers can be a source of inherent virus removal from the environment in which we perform activities, such as offices, schools, and restrooms in public places. The study of this has been done when the SARS epidemic first.

Our hands are certainly in contact with bathroom door handles car doors, elevator buttons, telephone receivers, sheets or pieces of money, desk surfaces, chairs, and everything that many people touched. From there the virus that has contaminated everything touched (by people with flu) can move to our fingers.

People with flu need to know themselves not to sneeze and cough in the crowds that many people, in addition, to diligently wash hands too (because must have held the nostril and mouth that per virus).

Other people close to flu patients, talking, and being threatened with viral contamination, need to wash their hands more frequently, and not just hold noses (nose, nasal clef), or mouth. Get used to using a handkerchief, or tissue, to clean the nostril or mouth. Through both burrows that the flu virus will enter the body, including avian influenza virus (avian influenza).

7. Cleaning the nostrils every time traveling home.
Yes, during out-of-home travel, especially during the flu season, there is almost no air that is not contaminated with the flu virus, especially in the environment of flu patients. Almost certainly the air we breathe during outdoors, there is the fly virus. Including when at home there who are sick flu.

Whatever the circumstances, it is much better to clean the nostrils with soap immediately, every time you go home, repetitiously by blowing your nostrils as long as they are cleaned up. In this way, at least a group of viruses that may have been hoisted there would have flown out of the nostril before they could nest, and breed.

8. Gargle-gargle, and no lack of sleep.
The flu virus enters the body through the nasal passages and oral cavity. In addition to the nasal passage must be maintained clean, the mouth also needs to be the solid defense. For that, it is better to rinse more often.

In addition to choosing the leaf of betel leaf (no antisepsis power), can also use a mouthwash that is purchased freely at the pharmacy. In this way, we attempt to remove the seeds of disease that may have begun to settle in the oral cavity, including those who enter the flu virus.

In addition to gargling, of course brushing your teeth, especially before bedtime. The dirty mouth cavity also weakens its resistance. Especially in those who do not have tonsils (tonsils gland has been removed), so do not have troops guard his oral cavity against the threat of disease seeds. Including those whose teeth are porous, infected, and decaying the roots of their teeth. They are more susceptible to infection of the oral cavity.

9. Do breath.
Yes, endurance also requires a fuller oxygen intake. The effort of breathing, that is, by sighing (in the open air) how deeply we are able, and holding it for how long we can, will further lung. The fit lungs, the more rapid the flow of blood, and the increased local immune system, will be more empowered to be able to get rid of the seeds of disease.

To improve the results of breathing, accompanied also with adequate bodybuilding such as walking and setting. Physical stress factors, in addition to mental stress, also add the vulnerable body of a person stricken with the flu virus. Excessive fatigue (due to work or physical exercise) is not recommended during the flu season.

10. Get enough sleep and not stay up.
The challenge of people today is often tempted by so much the lure of watching television, entertainment, and outdoor activities at break times.

One of the most common threats to illness is the lack of time-out. Already tired in the busy daytime, the night is often less time to sleep. Instead of having a nap (as people used to), night sleep is often inadequate.

The condition is less pause, lack of sleep, and sleep is not sound (because of stress, too tired), which adds vulnerable body attacked by viruses generally, flu viruses in particular.

When the body starts to feel sore, head dizzy, eyes feel hot, start sneezing and coughing small, the possibility of early symptoms of flu. It's time to take any brand flu medication right now and sleep after a hot soup or drink. Usually, that way the flu cancels appear.

However, drug stalls do not have the power to withstand the rate of flu journey when it is already heavy. It's useless to take flu medication only when the flu has been more than a week, and the symptoms get worse. Mucus that was originally watery clear has turned thickly colored, it means the flu has been ridden by seeds of other diseases. It is time for the flu drug to be accompanied by antibiotics.

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Title : 10 Ways to Avoid Avoid Flu

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